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Love poems for her short and sweet - Poems to make her smile

How do you best tell your darling that you love her? Love poems have a tradition that has lasted for centuries, and are still well suited to show their loved ones with words how much they love them. If you do not find your own words for a love poem, you can enter the world of love lyrics on this page. The list below provides a first clue. Just search for one of our poems. Then bring it to paper or send it by e-mail or SMS to her treasure. Maybe you just want to be inspired and write your own love poem. In this case, please read the following poems.
It is a blessing to know,
that you are,
To dream of you
high bliss is,
Longing for you
makes the dream the time,
To be with you,
is whole bliss.
You my soul, you my heart,
You my bliss, oh my pain,
You my world, where I live,
My heavens you, where I float,
O you my grave, into that down
I forever gave my grief.
You are the peace, you are the peace,
You are heaven given me.
That you love me makes me worthy,
Your look has transfigured me before me,
You lift me lovingly over me,
My good spirit, my better self!
I am my soul
in your only conscious,
my heart can never rest
as only at your breast!
My heart can never beat
as only for you alone.
I am so completely your own,
so completely forever yours.
It's night,
and my heart cometh to thee,
does not hold it out,
it does not hold out with me anymore.
Lie on your chest,
like a stone,
sinks into it,
to yours.
The first comes to rest,
lies at the bottom
his eternal Thou.

Love poems for her short and sweet
Love poems for her short and sweet

Love poems for her

I do not know what I have,
my heart is so heavy ...
Heart? Oh, what do I say -
I do not have any more.
Since I, lucky, have known you,
you sweet darling my,
from the first moment
it was already yours.
O you may keep it,
so that it always remained so -
it shall be yours,
only you, my sweetheart!
Giebs never again back to me -
it beats you in faith -
and you will not have it any more
my treasure, then break apart.
The trees cease to blossom,
My treasure shall go abroad;
My darling, he spoke a bitter word:
You stay here, but I have to leave.
Farewell, my darling, I remain faithful to thee,
Wherever you are, wherever I may be.
In the case of rain and sunshine,
As long as I live, I remember yours.
As long as I live, I love you,
And when I die, pray for me,
And when you come to my grave,
So think I loved you.
It is the time with you that makes me so happy,
because my heart just laughs because of you.
There are already more, more than two weeks,
that brings my heart to boil.
I hope it will follow more weeks,
many more and more and more.
Because I love you so much.
I do not give my heart to anyone else,
because it belongs only to you!
I love you,
I will Always Love You,
you give me strength to live,
with you I feel well,
you are there for me,
your eyes are a dream,
but they also tell me a lot.
you are my sweetheart.
you have an arrow,
pushed by my and your heart,
so that they may be together forever.
My love for you is not of this world
you are all that I like so much
No hour goes by without a thought to you
I wish you would even think about me
No place where I do not see you
sometimes this longing hurts
Every night I dream of you
What is wrong with me?
The meaning of jealousy
is what one is eager with.
I ask myself love? Are not that just sick drives?
My treasure can describe you not a single sentence.
Is it true I love you or is not what is love?
Hi sweetheart,
You know,
if my phone beeps,
then I look on it and know you love me.
When we kiss,
then I am the happiest woman on earth at this moment.
When we lie and cuddle in the evening,
then my eyes sparkle with love,
like the pearls in the shells.
What I want to tell you with all this: you are the most amazing man in the world ...
I long for tenderness
but the path there is endless
feel only the deepest cold in me
wish me the warmth and love of you
will never cry and miss
hope for a long time that we can see and kiss
would like you to be with me
Peace and quiet in our lives
one forgets the longing forever
You're a great guy for me,
so I fell in love with you.
And no matter how others joke,
you are forever in my heart.
And no one can separate us,
because you bring my heart to burn.
And no matter how the distance between us is,
just stay the way you are.
For just as our love is,
can not care who, where is.
This too came from my heart,
and hopefully you will not joke with it.

Love poems for her
Love poems for her

I wonder where you are
You are missing from me
I tell you honestly how it is
My thoughts are only with you
I wish so much
You were here
Why do you live so far?
I love you so much
But only by chat and on the phone
I can not worship you
In the end, things are not going well
I must say that
It is a longing
It is no longer to be borne
I have to tell you something,
Can I dare?
Infatuation is just a feeling
But I feel it for you
do not leave me high and dry
Please do not let me down
Do not leave me alone
Because I want to be with you
Just the two of us
Only we both, you and me
It is not easy for me
You can only be seen here
Only in bright light
Much nicer it would be real
But we still have no choice
Is it so for you so a torment?
It would be a pity if not
It would be a pity if not
Infatuation is just a feeling
But I feel it for you
do not leave me high and dry
Please do not let me down
Do not leave me alone
Because I want to be with you
Just the two of us
Only we both, you and me
For every word I write here
I write how it really is
Even if you are not with me
It would be nice if you felt the same way as I did
I would love to cuddle you
Very close to you
Very close to you
Infatuation is just a feeling
But I feel it for you
do not leave me high and dry
Please do not let me down
Do not leave me alone
Because I want to be with you
Just the two of us
Only we both, you and me

Poems to make her smile

Love poems
Love poems

Have a beautiful moment with you, the precious stones that reflect the color of your eyes, the water pearls that adorn your delicate lips, your strings of hair touch the neck that is raised to kiss, to embrace you, and to tap the beauty of female warmth from your beautiful body is the real life, after that happens what should happen. I love you until you drop.

I miss you, kiss you, kiss everywhere, kiss a thousand times, touch your beautiful face, feel your heartbeat, hear your breath, quench your thirst from your moist lips, enjoy the warm rays of your eyes.
I live with the energy from the fuel of your love.
Your beauty is the foe of the exploded feelings inside me.
My life, my soul are yours, your soul is my soul, I love you very much!
You my light,
that seems to be in my poem,
without which I can no longer,
because you are not like a man,
you are my dream woman,
oh Sophie, your eyes are not blue
and also not gray.
They are brown my treasure, I love you.
You my star,
In the distance,
Do not just like you.
Because I love you,
because you are the light,
in this poem,
That shows me the way
and where I always stay.
For my Princess Sophie from your sweetheart Marie.
Dream princess, you have called me,
but at that time we almost did not know each other.
But we were safe,
the one with in will be the first thing we hoped for.
And lo and behold, now it is over a month that we are together.
I love you sweetheart!
To describe you, I need not just one word,
As you smile,
How sweet your voice plays in me,
How delicate your lips are,
when you kiss me.
How bright your eyes sparkle,
if you look at me.
Oh heaven's angels,
You are my dream woman.
I love only you,
your way you give yourself,
For you are the one,
namely mine.

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Love poems for her short and sweet - Poems to make her smile
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add mine poem to the list

I dream of you,
as you laugh,
from your face,
from your lips,
from your voice,
of your kind as you give yourself,
from your beautiful eyes,
if you look at me,
from thy warmth which thou givest me,
which simply does infinitely good.

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singen Poesie wie die schönste Musik der Welt

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Encontrei um endereço bem sucedido depois disso



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