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Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

Birthdays are something very special in the life of everyone. In any case, the anniversary of the birth should be celebrated honorably - and how could you do this better than with a funny and cheeky saying on the birthday card? To bring the laughter to the table and take the seriousness from the solemnity - and this is best done with a bold, cheeky saying. He is supposed to make the laughter, bring the trigeminal glands on tours, laughs, of course, and let the birthday child blush. Look at the wrinkles in old age? Highlight the gray hair? The superfluous kilos appeal? Riding around on the age? Hach how can one so beautifully with a successful cheeky saying the birthday child from the version; of course, everything in the human frame. This is delivered here. An immense selection of originality and imagination in short, crisp two-strings and multi-stance. For cheeky is awesome and gives the personal birthday greeting a personal touch. Whether funny, funny, humorous, sarcastic and mean - only the best is to be!

Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday
Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

Long Birthday Paragraphs for girlfriend

You have no more hair on your head
and often cry after them,
but according to good, old custom
your center now has a belly.

Beauty can not be called you,
but all the people who know you,
who love you for your jokes,
because they are really top.

You have not been a woman for a long time
and sometimes he weeps after him,
but friends, they have remained to you,
who love you with all your heart.

So we came today,
have freed us,
congratulations, old house,
from year to year you look older.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday
Cute things to say to your girlfriend on her birthday

what to say to my wife on her birthday

Your face adorn deep folds,
so it is with us old,
since only the surgery,
Wear from the brain to the knee.

You once had the dream figure,
but nothing is stronger than nature,
which you drink in the form of beers,
when you bring boxes home.

Also your memory was already better,
for that you are a good eater,
one can not have everything,
Enjoyment and beauty.

Despite all this - congratulations,
we hope there is plenty of punch,
with which we attack your good,
to your birthday - the big one.

With beauty you are not blessed,
but with years already,
I would never have met you,
life would not have been worth it.

Do you sometimes say stupid things,
flee the women also before you,
with you you can open a barrel
and for that I am here today.

I have no gifts,
to be present is something that counts,
because on the birthday all alone
to be sad makes this world.

My God, have you grown old,
this is not a cow skin,
sooner, I must tell you,
you better looked out.

You have increased a lot,
in the face and at all,
that aging is so fast,
I would never have believed.

Happy Birthday,
who knows how much is that,
hopefully there's something to drink,
so that you never forget him.


In life you have to set priorities
and you have your long set,
the dream woman afterwards,
who like you at the Date happy.

In life you have to set priorities,
you have done well with food and drink,
the surgeon had to sharpen the scalpel very much,
for your lust for love made you sick.

In life you have to set priorities
and if I do not like you too much,
a tear will wet my eye,
if I congratulate you on my birthday.


The women have lied to you,
humiliated and also deceived,
the first and the second marriage
ended with awe and woe.

The men only by your side
have faithfully escorted you here,
because male friendliness is pure
and always of an honest nature.

Leave it with the women,
because they only gave you suffering,
for the birthday we congratulate cordially,
that would be painful to you without friends.


When God once distributed the noses,
because you have shouted too loud "here"
when he stayed with his head hair,
you have unfortunately remained very mute.

You have many features,
such as laziness and television,
while we liked the women,
caught the escape before you.

In spite of all this,
because each of us likes you very much,
to your friendship ever,
Happy Birthday!


You were born, into your nappies,
there you were still cute, quite innocent and small.
Now you are grown up, out of the diapers long ago.
The "putzig" is gone, bigger you still do not look.
Today is a year more,
and with innocence it is not too far away.
You will once again wear the diapers of that time,
and that is exactly what you long for the childhood days.
But until then you remain a few years'
I wish you good luck and health ... ..and full hair!

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Love poems for her short and sweet - Poems to make her smile

How do you best tell your darling that you love her? Love poems have a tradition that has lasted for centuries, and are still well suited to show their loved ones with words how much they love them. If you do not find your own words for a love poem, you can enter the world of love lyrics on this page. The list below provides a first clue. Just search for one of our poems. Then bring it to paper or send it by e-mail or SMS to her treasure. Maybe you just want to be inspired and write your own love poem. In this case, please read the following poems.
It is a blessing to know,
that you are,
To dream of you
high bliss is,
Longing for you
makes the dream the time,
To be with you,
is whole bliss.
You my soul, you my heart,
You my bliss, oh my pain,
You my world, where I live,
My heavens you, where I float,
O you my grave, into that down
I forever gave my grief.
You are the peace, you are the peace,
You are heaven given me.
That you love me makes me worthy,
Your look has transfigured me before me,
You lift me lovingly over me,
My good spirit, my better self!
I am my soul
in your only conscious,
my heart can never rest
as only at your breast!
My heart can never beat
as only for you alone.
I am so completely your own,
so completely forever yours.
It's night,
and my heart cometh to thee,
does not hold it out,
it does not hold out with me anymore.
Lie on your chest,
like a stone,
sinks into it,
to yours.
The first comes to rest,
lies at the bottom
his eternal Thou.

Love poems for her short and sweet
Love poems for her short and sweet

Love poems for her

I do not know what I have,
my heart is so heavy ...
Heart? Oh, what do I say -
I do not have any more.
Since I, lucky, have known you,
you sweet darling my,
from the first moment
it was already yours.
O you may keep it,
so that it always remained so -
it shall be yours,
only you, my sweetheart!
Giebs never again back to me -
it beats you in faith -
and you will not have it any more
my treasure, then break apart.
The trees cease to blossom,
My treasure shall go abroad;
My darling, he spoke a bitter word:
You stay here, but I have to leave.
Farewell, my darling, I remain faithful to thee,
Wherever you are, wherever I may be.
In the case of rain and sunshine,
As long as I live, I remember yours.
As long as I live, I love you,
And when I die, pray for me,
And when you come to my grave,
So think I loved you.
It is the time with you that makes me so happy,
because my heart just laughs because of you.
There are already more, more than two weeks,
that brings my heart to boil.
I hope it will follow more weeks,
many more and more and more.
Because I love you so much.
I do not give my heart to anyone else,
because it belongs only to you!
I love you,
I will Always Love You,
you give me strength to live,
with you I feel well,
you are there for me,
your eyes are a dream,
but they also tell me a lot.
you are my sweetheart.
you have an arrow,
pushed by my and your heart,
so that they may be together forever.
My love for you is not of this world
you are all that I like so much
No hour goes by without a thought to you
I wish you would even think about me
No place where I do not see you
sometimes this longing hurts
Every night I dream of you
What is wrong with me?
The meaning of jealousy
is what one is eager with.
I ask myself love? Are not that just sick drives?
My treasure can describe you not a single sentence.
Is it true I love you or is not what is love?
Hi sweetheart,
You know,
if my phone beeps,
then I look on it and know you love me.
When we kiss,
then I am the happiest woman on earth at this moment.
When we lie and cuddle in the evening,
then my eyes sparkle with love,
like the pearls in the shells.
What I want to tell you with all this: you are the most amazing man in the world ...
I long for tenderness
but the path there is endless
feel only the deepest cold in me
wish me the warmth and love of you
will never cry and miss
hope for a long time that we can see and kiss
would like you to be with me
Peace and quiet in our lives
one forgets the longing forever
You're a great guy for me,
so I fell in love with you.
And no matter how others joke,
you are forever in my heart.
And no one can separate us,
because you bring my heart to burn.
And no matter how the distance between us is,
just stay the way you are.
For just as our love is,
can not care who, where is.
This too came from my heart,
and hopefully you will not joke with it.

Love poems for her
Love poems for her

I wonder where you are
You are missing from me
I tell you honestly how it is
My thoughts are only with you
I wish so much
You were here
Why do you live so far?
I love you so much
But only by chat and on the phone
I can not worship you
In the end, things are not going well
I must say that
It is a longing
It is no longer to be borne
I have to tell you something,
Can I dare?
Infatuation is just a feeling
But I feel it for you
do not leave me high and dry
Please do not let me down
Do not leave me alone
Because I want to be with you
Just the two of us
Only we both, you and me
It is not easy for me
You can only be seen here
Only in bright light
Much nicer it would be real
But we still have no choice
Is it so for you so a torment?
It would be a pity if not
It would be a pity if not
Infatuation is just a feeling
But I feel it for you
do not leave me high and dry
Please do not let me down
Do not leave me alone
Because I want to be with you
Just the two of us
Only we both, you and me
For every word I write here
I write how it really is
Even if you are not with me
It would be nice if you felt the same way as I did
I would love to cuddle you
Very close to you
Very close to you
Infatuation is just a feeling
But I feel it for you
do not leave me high and dry
Please do not let me down
Do not leave me alone
Because I want to be with you
Just the two of us
Only we both, you and me

Poems to make her smile

Love poems
Love poems

Have a beautiful moment with you, the precious stones that reflect the color of your eyes, the water pearls that adorn your delicate lips, your strings of hair touch the neck that is raised to kiss, to embrace you, and to tap the beauty of female warmth from your beautiful body is the real life, after that happens what should happen. I love you until you drop.

I miss you, kiss you, kiss everywhere, kiss a thousand times, touch your beautiful face, feel your heartbeat, hear your breath, quench your thirst from your moist lips, enjoy the warm rays of your eyes.
I live with the energy from the fuel of your love.
Your beauty is the foe of the exploded feelings inside me.
My life, my soul are yours, your soul is my soul, I love you very much!
You my light,
that seems to be in my poem,
without which I can no longer,
because you are not like a man,
you are my dream woman,
oh Sophie, your eyes are not blue
and also not gray.
They are brown my treasure, I love you.
You my star,
In the distance,
Do not just like you.
Because I love you,
because you are the light,
in this poem,
That shows me the way
and where I always stay.
For my Princess Sophie from your sweetheart Marie.
Dream princess, you have called me,
but at that time we almost did not know each other.
But we were safe,
the one with in will be the first thing we hoped for.
And lo and behold, now it is over a month that we are together.
I love you sweetheart!
To describe you, I need not just one word,
As you smile,
How sweet your voice plays in me,
How delicate your lips are,
when you kiss me.
How bright your eyes sparkle,
if you look at me.
Oh heaven's angels,
You are my dream woman.
I love only you,
your way you give yourself,
For you are the one,
namely mine.

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Long distance relationship love quotes, messages and status for Whatsapp

Long distance relationship love quotes
Long distance relationship love quotes

Relationship is generally a positive perceived connection between two people who find themselves sympathetic and trust each other. There are many types of relationships such as: A love affair, a parent-child relationship, friendship, or a business relationship. Here you will find a collection of relationship phrases, poems, and quotes on the subject of relationship and sayings relationships.

Long distance relationship love quotes
Long distance relationship love quotes

Love between two people
lives from the beautiful moments.
But it grows through the difficult times,
both of which cope.

Long distance relationship love messages

Look into your eyes, you all
trust, share every joy with you,
we overcome all the pain.
Fall in your eyes, almost in your love
drown, that I wish of you,
together - we!

Trust is a delicate plant. Is it
destroyed, so it does not come so soon.

And when many miles separate us, I'm glad we know each other. You belong to the people you never forget.
Because you're special.

You will never know how much I loved you,
because no one heals a healed wound, if she has ever hurt.

There are people with whom you can let your legs and your soul dangle. You can just be yourself, without a facade, no doubt, sometimes even without words. These people are rare, if one has found one you must hold him.

Not the beauty decides who we love,
but love decides who we find beautiful.

Love is like a rain after a long dry season.
Love is like the spring after the cold winter.
Love is like a rosarote glasses that give a life
life value.
Love is you! And when you're with me, everything has
Live a meaning. When you're there, happiness breaks out
me out. But if you leave me, leave me
the feeling of love, of security and happiness.
Then the winter returns. The cool everyday life eats me.
I can not live without you without the feeling of love for you.
I need you, like nature without sun and no rain
dies, so a part of me dies when you are not there.
Now I know what love is.
Love is you.

When you write to each other,
is connected as by a rope.

it is over soon,
also the last thing that united us,
then breaks in two.
all the years
the tears,
the one-sidedness,
are now unmasked.
and you still laughs,
be warned.
everything I was,
I gave out blind love
and tangle,
in your hands
and where once my heart,
are now federations.
which hide the scar,
which is there now prangt ...
for all that,
what I wore for you,
you did not even thanks.
no nothing.
except your criticism,
your anger,
your daily failure.
you'll see me again,
when my legs carry me again ...
and I your words
will i tell you
you will be in my place
she will be everything for you
and despite your efforts,
laugh at you
and then go ... just,
because she was too comfortable for everything
and found you,
do you see your heart now,
ripped out ... in your hand.
... then exactly then,
you will see me before your spiritual eye,
I'll smile and you'll see me hand in hand,
with my big love,
in the direction of the horizon.

Long distance relationship quotes
Long distance relationship quotes

To have full confidence in a loved one is like the primal trust of a child to his mother; it instinctively knows that it is always loved, even if it makes mistakes.

Long distance relationship status for whatsapp

I sat all alone, in front of my PC.
Thought of nothing.
When it happened, and I read it.
It was you who wrote me there.
I thought: should I answer you or not?
My head said yes, and I did.
It was only short sentences that I wrote to you.
From that day on, I met you almost every day.
From all the words that had fallen,
a wonderful friendship born.
One day when I saw you again.
Then you asked me, Are you my guardian?
My head pulsed.
How did he mean this?
I did not think too long, and said yes!
This friendship that we lead here is just wonderful.
To know you is very beautiful.
Do not let this friendship end.
I thank you, you are my light at the end of my tunnel!
Leave me for you, the stalk in the wind.
Be your rock in the surf.
And much more.
I thank you so much!!

Love also needs care. I give the beloved less
Attention, love can gradually lose strength. Lasse
I, on the other hand, in my desire to go to the beloved one every day
To make new pleasures, love can grow through it.

Close your eyes. Climb with me on the rainbow. On a sunbeam.
Up to the stars. Into the infinity.

Never trust the words of a person who loves you. For she is lying.
You can trust a stranger, for he has nothing to lose.

In search of myself, according to mine
own I, I found the man,
who will help me understand myself,
and who still let me live my life.

Goodness in the words creates confidence.
Goodness in thinking creates depth.
Goodness in gifting produces love.

Love is created for eternity. It can be done with
Disappointment, indifference, neglect, and the like
or lose it all. But as man is an eternal
If he longed for life, he could also have the idea of ​​a
Transience of love is difficult to accept.

Love is life because it opens feelings, minds and senses.

The fool thinks themselves wise, but the wise man is a fool.

Do not seek the true love,
It has long since died,
Not the world in which you live
But people are spoiled.

relationship quotes
relationship quotes

Any attempt to define love with words becomes futile
be. Is love the need to do good to the other? Is love
the desire to be close to the lover? Love is warm
Feeling when I look the lover in the eye? Or is love
Care, benevolence, responsibility for each other, intimate
Common ground? All of these may be partial aspects, but ultimately
Love not to describe.

Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. Only the drivers, the passengers and the road are problematic.

Love alone understands the mystery
to give others and themselves
to become rich.

Love is the gift of one's own person to another - one
Gift that does not lead to loss, but to fulfillment.

Things of love are only with the
Eyes of love.

You as a man, or a friend;
I could never forget.
You showed me so many things.
Things I can never forget.
The days pass, into the country.
Without you.
My dearest friend.
The nights so long, without you.
During the day the grief is manifested,
and makes itself wide.
You are deep in my heart.
My dearest friend, it does me
so much sorry.
You are something special .
Such a friend as you are!
I never meet more in my life.
Your tender words sound, still me
in my ear.
I should forget such a man?
No, never, never!
Because you are something special for me.
My dearest friend, I can not forget you!
You live in my heart, very deep;
And that forever.

Two black birds are circling
everyday gray sky behind clouds,
I can tell by their wings
their love to each other. Between
Spans its wings
they air for each other, they let wind
are by their power. And in that
Wind is carried the other.

I want to love you without holding you,
will make me a judgment without condemning you,
will be near to you without penetrating you,
wants to encourage you without you,
wants to leave you without guilt,
wants to criticize you without hurting you,
and wants to help you without making you dependent.
If I can tell you of this,
then we can really meet
and enrich each other.

Go with people
as with wood around,
to a worm-like little bit
you would never get the whole
Discard the trunk.

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Life Experience Quotes and Sayings ☆

An individual experience is defined as an experience in a particular case. In general, life experience means the totality of all the experiences a person has ever had. If you are looking for a saying on this subject, you are right here.

"Is it worth it?" asks the head.
"No, but it does so well!" answers the heart.

Happiness is the only thing that doubles,
when you share it.

Life Experience Quotes Messages Sayings
Life Experience Quotes Messages Sayings

Life Experience Quotes

We live too much in the past, we are afraid of the future, forgetting to enjoy the present.

Sometimes you hate the people you love the most,
because he is the only one who can really hurt you.

Only those who accept his yesterday and today,
can make his morning free. But who
free hands has the future to seize.

Everyone said: "That can not be done. Then came a man who did not know and did it.

All love, all good,
today something is sad to us.

If you leave us today,
it does not mean that we do not see each other again.
in any case, we will be in further contact.

We thank you for the great time,
and wish success and health.

The more beautiful and full the memory,
the harder the separation !!
But gratitude transforms the memory into a quiet joy.
One does not carry the past beauty as a barb, but as a precious gift in itself!

Albert Einstein had to go
many university lectures
about its relativity theory
hold. Once his driver said
to him: "Professor,
I have this lecture now
already so often heard that I had
Word by word.
I could certainly use it as well
keep well like you. "
"Good," said the scholar,
"where we are going now,
you do not know me personally.
I put your chauffeurs hat
and you keep mine
Lecture as Professor Einstein. "
Said and done.
It all worked well.
Only after the end of the lecture
presented him one of the professors
a very complicated question,
with equations and formulas
spiked. The chauffeur
responded quickly and said:
"I'm surprised you're me
ask something simple.
Such simple things even know
my chauffeur. I leave him
call to let you get away from it
can convince."

Life Experience Sayings

In old age have memories
the same value as in the
Youth the dreams.

Who a day happy
to be drunk.
Anyone happy a month
to be a pig
Who will be a year happy
wants to marry.
Who will be happy a life
will have to love his profession.

Nothing has to be so, just because it is always
so has been.

Many people miss the little luck,
while waiting for the big in vain.

It is not important to go through the wall with your head, but to find the door with your eyes.

Life is one
Challenge ..... meet her.
Life is a gift take it.
Life is an adventure ..... dare.
Life is grief .... overcome it.
Life is a tragedy.
Life is a duty ..... fill it.
Life is a game ..... involve you in it.
Life is a secret ..... Discipline.
Life is a song ..... sing it.
Life is an opportunity ..... seize it.
Life is a journey ..... make it to the end.
Life is a conversation ..... keep it.
Life is beauty ..... praise it.
Life is a fight ..... imagine yourself.
Life is a goal ..... reach it.
Life is a mystery ..... nasty it.

Things are never the way they are.
They are always what you get out of them

I live, I think I'm sleeping, I'm fed up,
I laugh loudly or quietly, I look at the world with great,
curious eyes, I have friends, I remember
I listen to others and
I love to tell myself, I breathe deeply - is it all
nothing at all?

Goodness in the words creates confidence.
Goodness in thinking creates depth.
Goodness in gifting produces love.

Never fear to try something new, remember the Ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals.

Love is created for eternity. It can be done with
Disappointment, indifference, neglect, and the like
or lose it all. But as man is an eternal
If he longed for life, he could also have the idea of ​​a
Transience of love is difficult to accept.

Whoever recognizes others is taught.
He who knows himself is wise.
Whoever defeats others has muscle powers.
Whoever defeats himself is strong.
Who is content is rich.
He who does not lose his midst, lasts.

Love discovers the strengths of others
and can live with his weaknesses well.

The lie is already three times around the world until the truth has attracted the shoes.

Humor is one of the best clothes you can wear in company.

Mistakes in life can be traced,
but do not eradicate.

Man has three things
Ways to act wisely:
first, through reflection,
that is the noblest; secondly, through
Imitating is the easiest;
thirdly, through experience, that is
the most bitter

Who does not do stupid things,
does not make anything clever either.

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Goodbye messages for girlfriend - Best long goodbye paragraphs

Almost every person experiences one or more problems during his life. refers to the syndrome of rejected or unfulfillable love and can have physical as well as mental effects. Do not worry, here you will find spells, poems and quotations to overcome the pain.

Sometimes you hate the people you love the most,
because he is the only one who can really hurt you.

You will never know how much I loved you,
because no one heals a healed wound, if she has ever hurt.
To those we love, we give the right to hurt us.

Do not cry because good times are over,
but smile that you could experience them.
Goodbye messages for girlfriend
Goodbye messages for girlfriend

Best long goodbye paragraphs

it is over soon,
also the last thing that united us,
then breaks in two.
all the years
the tears,
the one-sidedness,
are now unmasked.
and you still laughs,
be warned.
everything I was,
I gave out blind love
and tangle,
in your hands
and where once my heart,
are now federations.
which hide the scar,
which is there now prangt ...
for all that,
what I wore for you,
you did not even thanks.
no nothing.
except your criticism,
your anger,
your daily failure.
you'll see me again,
when my legs carry me again ...
and I your words
will i tell you
you will be in my place
she will be everything for you
and despite your efforts,
laugh at you
and then go ... just,
because she was too comfortable for everything
and found you,
do you see your heart now,
ripped out ... in your hand.
... then exactly then,
you will see me before your spiritual eye,
I'll smile and you'll see me hand in hand,
with my big love,
in the direction of the horizon.

goodbye paragraphs
goodbye paragraphs

Never trust the words of a person who loves you. For she is lying.
You can trust a stranger, for he has nothing to lose.

Love is created for eternity. It can be done with
Disappointment, indifference, neglect, and the like
or lose it all. But as man is an eternal
If he longed for life, he could also have the idea of ​​a
Transience of love is difficult to accept.
I feel dead, deep inside me.
And only the pain makes me know that I am alive.

Never judge a man according to his cheerfulness, I also laughed so as not to have to cry.
I can say with all my heart, always again.
That I am, happy and always it was.
And will be.
Because I could get to know a person.
And that was, and you are.
You're a great human being.
Were always there.
Learned to like, even to love.
But then I did not know what was happening around me.
Until one day, your words were so hard.
And in the other, moment so tender.
Your words, they sound ever softer in me.
It seems to come for you, the day of parting.
Must take it as it is.
Just one thing to say goodbye, I'd like to tell you.
In my heart, there are for me to house.
Forever and ever.
Since I love you, end to my life.
The time with you was beautiful.
I thank you with all my heart for it.
Loving you is not difficult.
But let you go,
On the other hand.
Please stay with me.
Think of the good times with you,
And me.
Do you still know me? I am the one you never wanted to lose.
High up on the clouds!
Deep in the sky.
There you will find me.
Always on the hut, according to you.
I look down from here, down to you.
And keep watch!
I'm very scared.
Fear that could happen to you!
Could not live with it.
If something happens to you.
High up in the sky;
The bells are ringing, only for you!
And should be something.
Start your angels crying.
You will see it that it catches
on to rain, on earth.
Look very carefully, it is my tears;
They're falling for you.
And all this, only from true love for you!
I do not want it
but it happens to me
his laugh
his gestures
his eyes
they will not let go of me
they pick me up
and go their own way
which I can not determine
it was wrong
or right?
I do not know the answer
just as little as the solution
my heart is crying for him
and heaps the hope
which is impossible
to become reality
I would like to flee
like a coward
in front of him
and do not look back .....
The kiss
who came so unhappy
as I would never have thought it possible
this one moment
I can not forget him
can I do this at all?
probably not
I was happy
after a long time
and the time stood still
just like my heart .....
it beats like crazy
when I smile at
to his voice
to his eyes
just any movement
think of him
It is a great feeling
which tears me
I write down these lines
to save my soul
no heart pain
no longing
no tears
I wish that
from the heart
so much
as I wish him by my side ...
The days pass,
so cold and empty without you,
the time seems to stand,
in my heart the light went out.
Love is that you are the knife to me,
with whom I am wasting within myself.

Goodbye messages

I can say with all my heart, always again.
That I am, happy and always it was.
And will be.
Because I could get to know a person.
And that was and are you.
You're a great human being.
Were always there.
Learned to like, even to love.
But then I did not know what was happening around me.
Until one day, your words were so hard.
And at the other moment so tender.
Your words, they sound ever softer in me.
It seems to come for you, the day of parting.
Must take it as it is.
Just one thing to say goodbye, I'd like to tell you.
In my heart, there are for me to house.
Forever and ever.
Because I love you, to the end of my life.
The time with you was beautiful.
I thank you with all my heart for it.
Only those who know the longing,
White what I suffer!
Alone and separated
Of all joy,
I see the firmament
In that direction.
Oh! who loves and knows me,
Is in the expanse.
It's dizzying, it's burning.
My guts.
Only those who know the longing,
White what I suffer!
Beloved, you will only be able to provoke your weakness without provoking strength.
You were there. Always and everywhere. Helped me. Always and everywhere.
Were the best that could happen to me. Always and everywhere.
You did me good. Always and everywhere.
And I was not there for you when you needed me most urgently, because I was afraid to lose my ever and everywhere.
Love Is a feeling, with two faces.
In a moment, it fills you with incredible
Feelings of happiness.
You have butterflies in your belly.
And you wish this warm, wonderful feeling would last forever.
But there is still a second face.
It is a matter of heart to never feel this feeling.
This is heart pain!
It feels cold. One feels alone.
The heart aches with grief.
Your heart it beats only slowly, and it fills with these kate!
You can feel it hurts, it feels as if, the heart torn into pieces!
Time is passing, and the heart still hurts,
you have the feeling it would never pass.
But one day a person enters your life.
And this person heals your heart pain!
It fills your heart, again with happiness.
And heal your wounds, and caress your scars.
This time it will be forever!
My happiness is a soft, warm cloud. I'm leaving
for dreaming and enjoying. There fright
I high. Storm comes up - my cloud is saturated.
I fall with the rain drops - the shards of mine
I look at you.
But you do not see me.
I know you think you're all alone.
But it is not like that!
Up on my cloud, I sit;
And look for you.
Hold gently my hands protecting,
About you!
Never will I leave you.
Always at your side;
To protect you.
Only when you go out of this world
also I go away again.
Will then die to be very close to you
to be able to.
I will always be by your side.
But only if you want it!
Seconds over seconds, they pass away.
And in my head are only you.
Minutes over minutes, they pass away.
And this without you.
Hours over hours, they pass away.
And I feel so alone.
Time never lets me forget you.
Would like to be very close to you.
Seconds for seconds.
I want to hold your hand.
Minutes over minutes that pass away.
I want you to hold in my arms.
Hours of hours.
I just want to share with you.
Your words are so delicate.
Yet they hurt me.
My love to you.
I write in all these words!
The longing to you, shows me how much I love you.
My heart it hurts with love and longing to you.
Your words show me that you are like me.
Unfortunately, you are so far from me and I do.
In my heart you are so close to me.
In life, however, so far!
And I believe it is the same with you.
But I do not know exactly.
Your words are so gentle, they caress my wounded soul.
Words can be so delicate;
But also very hard in return!
Your words mean only well, I know only too well.
Even if you are very afraid to tell me words.
Tell me all, I love you too!
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

{sweet} I Love You Messages for Wife from Husband

It sounds wonderfully when I get told by my wife: "I love you". Immediately I think about our first learning, the first timid look at the beauty, the "goddess in orange" - she had an organge colored dress at that time. I was with another woman at the party and was not allowed to let my interest in her too much. She talks to other guests at the party, so I sit down inconspicuously near her. We even exchanged a few meaningless words, as in random announcements on the street. But she was interesting to me, I wanted to get to know her better. Invite you to a coffee - and see what goes. But before I had the opportunity to exchange contact with her, she was already gone.

There it was again: until I had taken my courage together, the chance was lost. Another was faster, and she already had in his fitches. Perhaps he was not soooo interesting, but he had the guts to speak to her and perhaps to cancel a refusal.


Take and multiply yourself with infinity. Add that to eternity. And now you have a touch of the idea how sweet you are!
I love you, Janek !!!
Your Jana

I look now in the sky for whether an angel is missing,
for how and what you are for me is not of this world!
I look now in the sky for whether one is already missing you,
if so, it would not matter to me, because you stay where you are!
WITH ME!!!!!!!!! - I love you!

Let me be your teddy, because I want to be cuddled by you!
Love you kissa to the sweet guys out there

A minute without you: to cope.
An hour without you: senseless
A day without you: agonizing
A week without you: unimaginable
A year without you: impossible
A life without you: hell
I love you more than anything else my angel
(from Asel to Sandy)

There are people I like,
there are people I hate,
there are people without whom I can not live
but there is only one person I love !!!
(for others)

I just got a call from the sky,
they seek their sweetest little angel on earth -
but do not worry: I did not betray you!
(From david to Kara)

Before I saw you
was not quite clear to me
that there is something like you
it is incomprehensible to me
as special as you are
I think of you when you read that !!
(Note on special request: by Gega F. in love for Steven G.)

All my love will I give to thee until we hover above all the clouds. Because you are the only one on this earth I will always love.

You're my luck, you're my star, even if you're spinning, I like you.

1000 hearts are on earth, 1000 hearts love you.
But none of those 1000 hearts loves you like me!

If you love the beauty, then do not love me, for there are more beautiful things for you, but if you love, then love me, for there is none who loves you as much as I do.

I have smelled a rose, a thorn I have stung, with blood I have written, forever I will LOVE YOU!

I love you. I love you. How to write that I do not know. Is the grammar also not correct. I love you and that is important.

There are many languages ​​to say, what can be and what nich ... but one thing I know, I love you.

I love you every day sooo very, but today I love you even more!

Oh, you my little wuzzel bear, without you I would only be halbert. So it's all there to be, because I love you with soul and body.

I think of you by day and night. I think of you because I like you. I think of you, I like you. I love you, you are my star !!!

If you see a shooting star in the sky, wish and think of me! I love you!

My love I give to you, my heart is already yours. All my thoughts are all about you! SOS - I LOVE YOU!

I love you every day sooo very, but today I love you even more!

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you.
When I knew you, I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you, I was afraid to fall in love.
And now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you

Romantic words for my wife

I love you, I love you. The most favorite for you. In love, I.

My dear darling: I love you very much, please be my cuddly bear.
Because I do not want to miss you, but only to kiss ...

You are the only one for me, I confide to you in the poem. I can not lie. Instead, I tell you (almost) in your face, I only love YOU!

The little star in the sky, that's me. He should always tell you: "I love you!". And do not you like me once more, do not forget him, the little star!

The sun shines in your heart. I love you! You are never alone!

This message comes from the heart, so I will not joke: I mail you, it makes piep, piep, I love you very much!

I wish I was the wind that gently sweeps through your hair, the sun that touches you tenderly, and the moon that watches your sleep. Because I love you.

With skin and hair I am yours, with heart and soul obdrein!

I sit here and think of you! It comes along, I love you!
My eyes always see your picture. My heart is constantly calling your name. In my head are always you. I love you !!!

With you as a couple, free to be like the wind - just wonderful! That's what I want, for I love you so much.

romantic words for my wife
romantic words for my wife

If your beautiful eye greets and laughs like a sun in a heavy night, I will quickly draw your sweet heart to me and whisper softly to him: I love you!

When you look into my eyes, I know how deep my love is for you. When you take me in your arms, I know: I love you!

3 Roses I send to you: The 1st is for welfare the 2nd for reunion, the third but softly says: I love you! Do not forget that!

I would like to float with you in heaven, to spend a whole day with you, to simply miss the school and dream with you! I love you!

I need you because I love you and I love you because I need you !!!

I love you about everything, I feel safe with you, if that is the case with you, I have no worries!

You're the star I'm thinking about. You're the star I'm giving away. You are the star of confidence. What do you mean: I LOVE YOU !!!

Your eyes illuminate me so that I can only think of you. So I hope you understand me too, when I tell you, "I love you"!

Take me, kiss me, caress me. Hold me, I need you, I just want you. I love you !!!

Cuddle your pillow, cuddle up, in your dreams I will always be with you. I love you!!!

I am I and love you. From me to you. Signed: Me.

What is the difference between a shooting star and you? When I see you my wish has already been fulfilled!
(by Eveline for Sandro)

My eyes love your face, my hands your skin, my lips your mouth, my nose your fragrance, my ears your voice. My body loves your warmth, I love you!

Tonight you will not be alone, lay your head on your pillow, it's filled with 1000 kisses, cuddle you and I'll be very close to you!

I'm sitting here with my pain, just holding the phone to my heart. Do you hear it pounding inside of me? It shows you how in love I am!

Never would I have believed that there was such a thing, but I have immortally fallen in love with you!

I fell in love with you. For me, you're the best in the world, and that's the only thing that counts!

Being in love is so hard, the heart hurts without you so much. But the greatest reward for this is the great time with you.

Day and night I must think of you, try to distract me in vain! I am so glad that you are there, because I am in love with you through both ears!

I have not fallen in love with you, but in the thought that you can love me ....

When angels swing with their wings, sing softly and softly of love, believe me they will do it only for you! For they know of me: I love thee!

I know a book with many pages that guide me only two words. Only me and you - only you and me. What is meant is: I LOVE YOU !!!

I look into your eyes, look into your face. I can hardly believe it, damn: I LOVE YOU !!!

If I could conjure up, I would let it rain. The sun would then paint a rainbow. On that I then run to you. I love you!!!

You're there when I need you, you warm me when I'm cold, you let me run hot shivers down my spine! I love you!!!...

I love you hot until red roses are white until white roses become red, I love you to death!

My sweetheart is for you, this little love poem. I do not write much, I write for you, just: "I love you !!!"

Man (s) I'll do everything for you, when the sun goes down the moon but not yet in the sky, then think of me because I'm in love with you!

Come, live in my heart. - Do not need to pay rent.

When the roses cry in the night and your heart breaks with longing, I would like to appear to you in the dream and tell you I love you!

When I look into your eyes, I see pure happiness.
When you smile, everything radiates to us.
When you touch me, I feel warm.
You are everything for me - I love you!

There's so much I love about you. There would be your laughter that builds me up and your warm hands that give me strength. Your eyes, in which I lose myself every time, your feelings for me, who overcame me every time. Your lips when they kiss me and everything about you. You're the most important thing in the world for me and the best thing ever happened to me!

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Birthday wish for best friend forever

If a good friend has a birthday, then it can be a bit more to congratulate than a simple "Congratulations on a birthday!". A friendship is very special and friends are important companions in life; they stand by one side in every living situation, help with advice and deed, if necessary, and go with a proverbially through thick and thin. Sure, friendships can be truly diverse and diverse, but as diverse as these are, there are also many facets of congratulating a friend on a birthday. As a congratulatory or congratulatory one, think of something unique and give your friend to understand that he is especially unique to you.

birthday wish for best friend forever
birthday wish for best friend forever

Of course, your good or best friend will know that it is irreplaceable for you. But sometimes this should be done with loving words. Speak to your friend, if he has helped you in an important situation, or has generally helped you out, tell him how important he is to you and how glad you are to have him at your side. Regardless of whether you are doing this with an impressive birthday poem, a dear birthday wish or a heartfelt congratulations - your lines will surely arrive and achieve the desired effect!

A good friend accompanies you through life. Together, you share wonderful experiences and events, may have the same hobbies and interests and perhaps even the one or the other perfectly guarded secret. Memories of experiences that have been lived together or spent together make a good friendship; they spend a lot of their lives together and have probably become a committed team over the years. For such an important person, of course, the right saying for a birthday. Our collection is at your disposal in its entirety - and this in a wide variety. In other words, our birthday sayings for a friend, acquaintance and buddy are, in fact, from heartfelt and profoundly profound and profound to funny, humorous and humorous. While many congratulatory and congratulating the importance of their friendship skillfully and to discuss, others take the birthday of the friend as an occasion to take him on the scow. Funny sayings for a friend's birthday are always good in most cases - provided the birthday child understands a good sense of humor, of course; but as a congratulator or congratulator you certainly know best how to congratulate your friend on a birthday ...

If you are looking for birthday sayings for the good friend, then you are in the right place with us. Our birthday sayings for a friend, buddy or acquaintance are universally applicable and therefore make a great figure in the context of congratulations cards, birthday cards or even birthday invitations, birthday talks and much more. Let yourself be inspired by something original - maybe a suitable birthday present for the friend is an ideal hanger for an impressive gift, an unforgettable meeting or a funny statement on the day of the holiday!

Birthday wish for best friend forever

After getting to know each other so well and have spent so much time together, I can only wish you one thing for your birthday: Please remain the same as you are! You know I know all your weaknesses and quirks, and I know what you would like to change about you. But think it well. Because precisely these crazy quirks have made you become the person with whom friendship is simply fun.

Hey buddy, make you supple and loose,
today we tear you from the stool.
With a birthday celebration of the finest.
Today we can afford to do it quietly.
So buckle on and the sause starts.
We're celebrating your birthday big.

Once again, a year goes by,
a year full of work and drudgery.
Despite stress and problems, both new and old,
you always kept our friendship.
That's exactly why I would like to congratulate you
and to kick your birthday with a few beers,
to thank you very much with you
and fuel for a new year,
by experiencing something common again
and give our friendship new experiences.

Do you know what the beauty of our friendship is? That we share our hearts. Do not worry, I do not want you to share your birthday gifts with me! Rather, I want to tell you that today I am just as happy as you and can not wait to wish you all, all happiness.

On your jubilation, I tell you, my dear friend,
I have not regretted a single day,
where we shared this life.

So I wish you all the best,
Health, fun and of any cake a piece.
Will be the first congratulator, have me hurried.

Friendship since childhood,
Cohesion, with joy and plagues.
We both hold together,
we have, who cares the rest?
Let us experience a great feast today,
for the birthday I would like to give you the best!

For the birthday I wish you only the best
and press both thumbs firmly.
On that we still celebrate many times this day,
because I like you as a friend.
For friends come together, such moment is precious and rare.
And these happy moments just wonderful.

A friend who congratulates not only,
a friend who cares in a tour
that you are especially well,
that your outfit is especially good for you.

A friend who knows your jubilee
just for you and so nobody dares,
To steal the show or something like that,
he did not spare the gift.

Thou shalt rejoice, and be the happiest,
so invite only the best friends.
They come to you and give you rich,
then you will be given a cake.

Happy Birthday, old friend! A new year is in the starting holes. As I know you, you are thinking about what you want to achieve this year! Stay calm! Because what is the name of it? The route is the goal. And on this way, a break now awaits you - your birthday! Enjoy your free day to the fullest and do not think about tomorrow!

The best birthday wishes for best friend forever

My dear friend is getting older,
but our friendship will not be colder!
Whether at 20, 40 or later with a hundred,
we hold together, wondering if someone is wondering?
Celebration beautiful Your day,
I think of you because I like you!

I did not know what I should give you,
which is why I began to think,
to present something special,
with which I can congratulate you.
On the rhymed congratulations the decision fell,
with which I want to reach the goal,
To write a special greeting
and let you know in any case,
that I am pleased not only to write to you,
but also to remain your best friend forever.

Finding a true friend is rare.
People live in different worlds.
Everyone in his, but you very close to me,
I knew that the first time I saw you.
We are like siblings, different, but the same,
I need our friendship, for it makes me rich.
No matter what happens, I am here for you.
But now all love for your new year.

And again you are a year older.
But you radiate like a chosen one,
which can be freed from decay -
the years have nothing at all to you.

Stay as you are, and always young in heart,
then you are safe from grief and pain.
A long and happy life
be given to you always.

From everywhere come friends, big and small,
for Your Day of Honor, they made themselves great!
All want to cheer for you,
but what a special thing you are for me.
So I wish you especially good luck
and buy your cake, a big piece.

You're a friend for life,
a like you will never give for me,
since you are at my side,
I know exactly what friendship is.
I write to you that day,
how precious you are and how much I like you,
birthday a lot of love and happiness,
we look forward together,
and never more back!

Now you are already ..., you old cracker! Still fit, without wrinkles, you are very brave! I wish you a lot of fun and lots of laughing, trust you and keep doing crazy things! You are now older, but not wise, we both continue to turn our circles! Move around the houses as ever, the bones do not hurt you yet! Thank you, mates for chatting and laughing, we both let's still krachen!

Whether in humans, monkeys, horses,
there will be nothing against aging,
But you do not even look at it,
which may be due to our friendship.
As close as we stand daily,
we will not take any risk,
one day to be alone,
which is why you are especially mine today
personal desire for the new year,
that our friendship remains as it always was.

Congratulations, I tell you,
I am very glad that I am here today.
We know each other for a very long time
and we are always ready,
always to be there for each other.

Can you really measure what a good friend you are to me? If you ever forget it, it would not be nice of you. So I do not feel embarrassed and congratulate you.

Because you give me, friend, with you,
So thanks to i cheap with you.
Take me therefore for you;
I am thee you; be it me.

You know we've always gone through thick and thin. And this will never change. Although we are both not younger, but we are getting more and more crazy. Let me embrace you of your birthday and tell you that I am looking forward to another year of great experiences with you.

Nothing ventured nothing gained! This is your motto for life, and so far you have been driving very well! Keep up the good work, dear friend, and wish you all the best for your birthday. Do not forget to give yourself a little time out of all your ideas and plans! You know: Your buddies are always at your disposal to provide for distraction!

If we do not see each other,
when we go in different directions,
then look at this sheet,
which I have written to you with love.
Happy Birthday!

Having friends is the greatest gift,
is probably what some people think.
But to get something from these friends,
it's like winning the jackpot.

Thanks for your friendship on this path:
A package with colorful paper and tape glued.
I hope you like it and you have fun,
and that you get a gift from each guest.

Happy Birthday I tell you,
all friends are here today.
But I am proud to know,
You just do not want to miss me.
We two know each other so long
and there was no way too far for us,
always to be there for each other.
So let's leave all now clean,
who are to celebrate with us both
and to your new year.

Time flies almost like the wind,
I'm already packing up again
all gifts for you
and ask me how will it be this time?
Will the friends all come,
Did they hear your invitation?
But for both of us, I sighed
the many candles.
In their appearance, I look at you
and know you are the man,
which I searched and found,
with whom forever I am connected.
Happy Birthday!

Well, if today is not a day to celebrate! Happy Birthday my friend! If you do not know what to do with this beautiful day, I already have an idea! We are not getting any younger and so we have to celebrate the festivals as they fall. Let's have fun with you and send you into a new year of life!

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Sweet goodnight love messages for her to make her smile!

sweet goodnight messages
sweet goodnight messages

I'll send you a cloud that covers you, a star that lights the night, the moon that watches you. Greetings and a good night !!

 Do you know that someone is thinking of you and giving you the sky full of stars?

 Tonight I lie down alone. But my thoughts are only with you, so I send you 1000 stars and wish you were here. They watch over you and tell you softly: "Do not forget me"! Sweet Dreams! I love you

 If you are sad this night, because I am not with you.
Then look at the window, there is a star, so far and only for you ... good night.

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sweet goodnight messages
sweet goodnight messages

When the sun glows red in the sea, it magically pulls into your arms. After it slowly darkens-so beautiful the moon sparkles in your eyes.

 A good nightmail very short and small, just bounce into your phone. Have a nice day, emailed someone who likes you.

 I am the little dear mouse, I am not standing in front of your house. So I will send you from afar, a handful of glamor!

 A handful of charms and the whole world to it, I say you like you. Out of my bed and cover up.

Close your eyes and sleep quickly, I'll always be with you. Are you going to protect and watch, what else can I do without my angel?

sweet goodnight messages
sweet goodnight messages

 I send a kiss from me directly to you. So leave the window on it lands right on your lips. Think of me as well as me.

Look tonight in the distance, high up in the sky, then you see the stars. Look up to the moon watching you tonight, and think of me, I wish you sweet dreams and good night!

I look into the valley of the stars I see darkness and light. Send a greeting from a far distance - I think of you. Good night sleep well!

sweet goodnight messages
sweet goodnight messages

You will not be able to find an asterisk today ... they are playing behind thick rainclouds. Do not have to be sad about it ... the stars will soon shine again in the moonlight. Now I will tell you a loving good night and the eyes are quickly made ,

I would love to be your bed, so I always slept with you. I would be very delicate to YOU ​​and fill your sleep with dreams.

You lie in your bed and I in my bed, much nicer it would be now in a duet. You could cuddle together and whisper about others.

I am the angel who watches over you, watching and watching you all night. Who tells you how much he loves you and that there is no future without you.

Last night I sent a protective gel to you. After five minutes he came back. I asked why? He smiled: an angel does not need a protective gel! =)

Sleep well and dream beautiful, we will meet again

sweet goodnight messages
sweet goodnight messages

 Fallen star - so far and so far, greet my beloved and tell him: I love you so much.

 A little bear says good night and has thought of his treasure! I wish you a wonderful day, and again a day that I am saying: I miss you.

 So now I lie down, rest my eyes. So that you can sleep well, come a lot of dreams. Fall softly down on you, whisper softly: I'll be back soon!

Good evening good night, the best time of the day I have spent with you today. So I will send you an angel who watches over you and your dreams.

And when the night embraces the day, a dream descends. The day's fears become small, an angel stays with you. He watches over you carefully, and will always be with you, so you dream peacefully, joyfully and quietly until the morning sunshine.

Short sweet goodnight love messages for her

For me, you are the moon tonight, which makes my dreams silver, who protects me in my pillow, how long have I to miss?

 Again a day has passed, the night, she envelops us, and glows high in the sky, the silver stars. I wish you glittering stars that shine on you, beautiful dreams that delight you, and an angel who holds his hand over you and keeps all suffering from you for ever.

I pushed the clouds aside to see the stars. I asked angels to watch over you tonight. I worked in the dream factory to give you nice dreams. Why? Because I love you! Good night.

sweet goodnight messages for her
sweet goodnight messages for her

A small angel goes very quiet, on a far-distant journey. He lands with you tonight and gives you sleep when you sleep!

 My little sweet cuddle, I'll send you a sleepy dwarf! Mummel you only firmly, I'll be with you in the dream.

 I would love to be a teddy bear, who would be next to you in bed. I am quite soft and cuddly warm. Then you sleep with me in the arm.

For every human being in the world, a star glitters at the heavenly tent. He wants to tell us with his light: the Father in Heaven does not forget us.

sweet goodnight messages for her
sweet goodnight messages for her

  This writes the unofficial headquarters of the good-night SMS writers. She is there to love people a good night and wonderful dreams. And you are clearly a dear person.

  Tonight at the star count, I realized that 2 pieces are missing. But then, I could hardly believe it, I saw her in your eyes!

  If you are sad this night, because I am not with you.
Then look at the window, there is a star, so far and only for you ... good night.

sweet goodnight messages for her
sweet goodnight messages for her

Good evening, Good night, guarded by angels, guarded by stars, only wish you the best, by day and by night.

  Stars high in the sky are looking down on our world. Tell you with her light, sleep well I think of you.

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Top 15 Long Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

long paragraphs for her copy and paste
long paragraphs for her copy and paste

He who has ever found love in life, should receive it, and always give it what you can bestow on her, for whoever loves or loves is the greatest happiness in the world.

 Love can not be held or persuaded to stay. You have to take care of them carefully and show them again and again how important they are to you. People who are romantically well-disposed towards each other, a love affair from the heart is best suited to reveal one's feelings.

long paragraphs for her copy and paste
long paragraphs for her copy and paste

However, feelings are fluctuating. You do not always feel happy and heavenly. That is why our heart is not only heartbreaking love words. The spectrum is large, ranging from sad to funny and from particularly short to foreign-language love stories. It is therefore advisable to take some time and to go through the appropriate categories on the right side in order to find precisely the love affair with which one can enchant his treasure the best and thus expresses what great place he takes in his heart and how important he is to one.


A girl asked a boy, what is love? The boy replied, "Love is when I know you are stealing my bread every day and still keeping it in the same place?

It does not matter to run after a love running faster than you, because as soon as you get closer to her, she waves to you. You stumble, wobble, fall down, just to learn, it always does.

I do not know what we are now. But I miss what we were.

long paragraphs for her copy and paste
long paragraphs for her copy and paste

It was in January many years ago
when we were in Mannheim.
At the station we met in the square city,
which also has beautiful parks and universities.

We sat down in a bakery.
On the clock it was not even three.
Later we took the train to you.
I stayed there until well after four.

I stayed a couple of days.
That we had fallen in love was no question.
Two months later we announced it aloud:
You will be my husband and I will be your bride.

For over ten years we were a man and a woman.
I hoped so much that it can go forever.
Even today I sometimes think back to the day,
as in Mannheim our happiness began.

I think about you 18 hours a day, the other 6 I dream of you.

I look in the mirror and see death in my eyes. Memories hiss through my brain. Will they ever stop? Can you ever make peace with yourself after all that is of value in life has disappeared? You only live once. I do not live. I'm just there. Without you. Just there.

long paragraphs for her copy and paste
long paragraphs for her copy and paste

You can not imagine how much I love you! I have to think of you every second! And when I do not think of you, I think of ourselves. Every day with you, no matter what time, is perfect! You are simply the most wonderful, sweetest and most sympathetic thing that could happen to me in my life and happened!
I do not really deserve it ... So a wonderful and perfect boy calls me his girlfriend. To experience this time with you, I have earned just as little as to enjoy your proximity so!
I hope I can put my hand into yours, for there it is!
I would not know what to do if I did not have you. Then everything would be so damn dull.
If I were to express in a number how much I love you, that would be impossible! For not even the most clever man in the world could pronounce this figure. By this I mean that this number is so incredibly big - as my love for you! Well, actually, my love for you is indescribable. No, wait, this is wrong! Without the "Well"! She is truly indescribable and I hope you know that too.
When I look at you or talk to you or write, I think that together we could create everything. Because I know you support me & love me.
And I know that you belong to me as well as I belong to you! And I am so incredibly proud of it!
I wish I could wake up every damn tomorrow next to you and kiss you awake.
I want to fall asleep in your arms every evening.
And I want to dream of you every night! Because then everything would always be perfect and I would never have to be sad any more. And if I should not be so good on it, you are for me there and that makes me so glad!
In any situation, you can make me smile and I hope that you continue to do so until the end of my wonderful life, which makes you so wonderful! I do not care if you have mistakes and I do not care what others think of you. For me, you will always be perfect!
I hope you understand now how much I love you. Even if it is actually incomprehensible how one can have so strong feelings for a single person. I love you!!!

long paragraphs for your crush

For a moment it seems as if I had made it. Done to forget you. But then I look into your eyes and equal I stand again at the beginning.

You always told me, "I love you!" "You're the only one for me!" "You and I forever !!" ... Why did you lie? Why did you leave? Where are you now? Do you even think about me and my feelings?

Love does not matter to anyone.
Love does not hurt anyone.
Love can not be seen.
Love can not be felt.
But love can be felt.

long paragraphs for her copy and paste
long paragraphs for her copy and paste

Flowers wither, chocolate spoils. Therefore, I gave you my heart, so that our love eternally defends.

It hurts to wait for you and it hurts to forget you.
But most of all it hurts if you do not know whether to wait or forget!

My goal? Your last name.
My wish? To be your girl.
My hope? A life with you that never ends.

long paragraphs for her copy and paste
long paragraphs for her copy and paste

You do not know how happy you are to me. I love you!
I want to be with you every second and enjoy the time with you.
Where I saw you, I thought, my heart stopped. I was so excited.
I never want to lose you anymore.
You're just the most amazing person I ever met.
And I want to be with you forever.
I would never give you up, for you are mine.
And no one can separate us.
You are my one and only.
There is no sense for life without you.
Because you are my mind
I want to stay with you forever.
So indescribable are you.
If I hold your hand, I will hold my dream that has come true.
Never had I held such a great man in my arms.
I do not want to be with you for a couple of years, but my whole life.
You're beautiful.
My Queen, you twist my head to 180 °.
Omg, I want to have you now with me and do not want you to let go.
I do not want to let you go.
Without you no me, for you are my sunlight.
When I look into your eyes - omg, the rays are so sweet.
You are so indescribable ...
Your laughter is so sweet and how shy you were yesterday.
There is no you or me more but one of us.
For we are on cloud 7.
US against the rest of the world.
And only you are my life, my hero, my girl, just everything.
And I can be so lucky, with you by my side.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
I do not care how crazy you are, you stupid.
I love you like you are .
I would love you with all your mistakes.
Because for me you are perfect.
We bring the earth to quake

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