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Birthday wish for best friend forever

If a good friend has a birthday, then it can be a bit more to congratulate than a simple "Congratulations on a birthday!". A friendship is very special and friends are important companions in life; they stand by one side in every living situation, help with advice and deed, if necessary, and go with a proverbially through thick and thin. Sure, friendships can be truly diverse and diverse, but as diverse as these are, there are also many facets of congratulating a friend on a birthday. As a congratulatory or congratulatory one, think of something unique and give your friend to understand that he is especially unique to you.

birthday wish for best friend forever
birthday wish for best friend forever

Of course, your good or best friend will know that it is irreplaceable for you. But sometimes this should be done with loving words. Speak to your friend, if he has helped you in an important situation, or has generally helped you out, tell him how important he is to you and how glad you are to have him at your side. Regardless of whether you are doing this with an impressive birthday poem, a dear birthday wish or a heartfelt congratulations - your lines will surely arrive and achieve the desired effect!

A good friend accompanies you through life. Together, you share wonderful experiences and events, may have the same hobbies and interests and perhaps even the one or the other perfectly guarded secret. Memories of experiences that have been lived together or spent together make a good friendship; they spend a lot of their lives together and have probably become a committed team over the years. For such an important person, of course, the right saying for a birthday. Our collection is at your disposal in its entirety - and this in a wide variety. In other words, our birthday sayings for a friend, acquaintance and buddy are, in fact, from heartfelt and profoundly profound and profound to funny, humorous and humorous. While many congratulatory and congratulating the importance of their friendship skillfully and to discuss, others take the birthday of the friend as an occasion to take him on the scow. Funny sayings for a friend's birthday are always good in most cases - provided the birthday child understands a good sense of humor, of course; but as a congratulator or congratulator you certainly know best how to congratulate your friend on a birthday ...

If you are looking for birthday sayings for the good friend, then you are in the right place with us. Our birthday sayings for a friend, buddy or acquaintance are universally applicable and therefore make a great figure in the context of congratulations cards, birthday cards or even birthday invitations, birthday talks and much more. Let yourself be inspired by something original - maybe a suitable birthday present for the friend is an ideal hanger for an impressive gift, an unforgettable meeting or a funny statement on the day of the holiday!

Birthday wish for best friend forever

After getting to know each other so well and have spent so much time together, I can only wish you one thing for your birthday: Please remain the same as you are! You know I know all your weaknesses and quirks, and I know what you would like to change about you. But think it well. Because precisely these crazy quirks have made you become the person with whom friendship is simply fun.

Hey buddy, make you supple and loose,
today we tear you from the stool.
With a birthday celebration of the finest.
Today we can afford to do it quietly.
So buckle on and the sause starts.
We're celebrating your birthday big.

Once again, a year goes by,
a year full of work and drudgery.
Despite stress and problems, both new and old,
you always kept our friendship.
That's exactly why I would like to congratulate you
and to kick your birthday with a few beers,
to thank you very much with you
and fuel for a new year,
by experiencing something common again
and give our friendship new experiences.

Do you know what the beauty of our friendship is? That we share our hearts. Do not worry, I do not want you to share your birthday gifts with me! Rather, I want to tell you that today I am just as happy as you and can not wait to wish you all, all happiness.

On your jubilation, I tell you, my dear friend,
I have not regretted a single day,
where we shared this life.

So I wish you all the best,
Health, fun and of any cake a piece.
Will be the first congratulator, have me hurried.

Friendship since childhood,
Cohesion, with joy and plagues.
We both hold together,
we have, who cares the rest?
Let us experience a great feast today,
for the birthday I would like to give you the best!

For the birthday I wish you only the best
and press both thumbs firmly.
On that we still celebrate many times this day,
because I like you as a friend.
For friends come together, such moment is precious and rare.
And these happy moments just wonderful.

A friend who congratulates not only,
a friend who cares in a tour
that you are especially well,
that your outfit is especially good for you.

A friend who knows your jubilee
just for you and so nobody dares,
To steal the show or something like that,
he did not spare the gift.

Thou shalt rejoice, and be the happiest,
so invite only the best friends.
They come to you and give you rich,
then you will be given a cake.

Happy Birthday, old friend! A new year is in the starting holes. As I know you, you are thinking about what you want to achieve this year! Stay calm! Because what is the name of it? The route is the goal. And on this way, a break now awaits you - your birthday! Enjoy your free day to the fullest and do not think about tomorrow!

The best birthday wishes for best friend forever

My dear friend is getting older,
but our friendship will not be colder!
Whether at 20, 40 or later with a hundred,
we hold together, wondering if someone is wondering?
Celebration beautiful Your day,
I think of you because I like you!

I did not know what I should give you,
which is why I began to think,
to present something special,
with which I can congratulate you.
On the rhymed congratulations the decision fell,
with which I want to reach the goal,
To write a special greeting
and let you know in any case,
that I am pleased not only to write to you,
but also to remain your best friend forever.

Finding a true friend is rare.
People live in different worlds.
Everyone in his, but you very close to me,
I knew that the first time I saw you.
We are like siblings, different, but the same,
I need our friendship, for it makes me rich.
No matter what happens, I am here for you.
But now all love for your new year.

And again you are a year older.
But you radiate like a chosen one,
which can be freed from decay -
the years have nothing at all to you.

Stay as you are, and always young in heart,
then you are safe from grief and pain.
A long and happy life
be given to you always.

From everywhere come friends, big and small,
for Your Day of Honor, they made themselves great!
All want to cheer for you,
but what a special thing you are for me.
So I wish you especially good luck
and buy your cake, a big piece.

You're a friend for life,
a like you will never give for me,
since you are at my side,
I know exactly what friendship is.
I write to you that day,
how precious you are and how much I like you,
birthday a lot of love and happiness,
we look forward together,
and never more back!

Now you are already ..., you old cracker! Still fit, without wrinkles, you are very brave! I wish you a lot of fun and lots of laughing, trust you and keep doing crazy things! You are now older, but not wise, we both continue to turn our circles! Move around the houses as ever, the bones do not hurt you yet! Thank you, mates for chatting and laughing, we both let's still krachen!

Whether in humans, monkeys, horses,
there will be nothing against aging,
But you do not even look at it,
which may be due to our friendship.
As close as we stand daily,
we will not take any risk,
one day to be alone,
which is why you are especially mine today
personal desire for the new year,
that our friendship remains as it always was.

Congratulations, I tell you,
I am very glad that I am here today.
We know each other for a very long time
and we are always ready,
always to be there for each other.

Can you really measure what a good friend you are to me? If you ever forget it, it would not be nice of you. So I do not feel embarrassed and congratulate you.

Because you give me, friend, with you,
So thanks to i cheap with you.
Take me therefore for you;
I am thee you; be it me.

You know we've always gone through thick and thin. And this will never change. Although we are both not younger, but we are getting more and more crazy. Let me embrace you of your birthday and tell you that I am looking forward to another year of great experiences with you.

Nothing ventured nothing gained! This is your motto for life, and so far you have been driving very well! Keep up the good work, dear friend, and wish you all the best for your birthday. Do not forget to give yourself a little time out of all your ideas and plans! You know: Your buddies are always at your disposal to provide for distraction!

If we do not see each other,
when we go in different directions,
then look at this sheet,
which I have written to you with love.
Happy Birthday!

Having friends is the greatest gift,
is probably what some people think.
But to get something from these friends,
it's like winning the jackpot.

Thanks for your friendship on this path:
A package with colorful paper and tape glued.
I hope you like it and you have fun,
and that you get a gift from each guest.

Happy Birthday I tell you,
all friends are here today.
But I am proud to know,
You just do not want to miss me.
We two know each other so long
and there was no way too far for us,
always to be there for each other.
So let's leave all now clean,
who are to celebrate with us both
and to your new year.

Time flies almost like the wind,
I'm already packing up again
all gifts for you
and ask me how will it be this time?
Will the friends all come,
Did they hear your invitation?
But for both of us, I sighed
the many candles.
In their appearance, I look at you
and know you are the man,
which I searched and found,
with whom forever I am connected.
Happy Birthday!

Well, if today is not a day to celebrate! Happy Birthday my friend! If you do not know what to do with this beautiful day, I already have an idea! We are not getting any younger and so we have to celebrate the festivals as they fall. Let's have fun with you and send you into a new year of life!

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Birthday wish for best friend forever
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i miss my friends so much!!!! best wishes for them

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my friend you are my friend do you understand me? dont leave me alone you lovely thing!



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