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Lovely Good Morning Messages for Her {150+}

Lovely Good Morning Messages for Her - Good morning SMS ... I close my eyes and see your face. I touch my lips and think about you. Good morning sleepyhead!

If there were kissing mobile phones, yours would now attack you and give you a fat good-morning kiss!
This morning is the perfect time to tell you: I love you!

Your smile conjures up clouds of sunshine and cold heat. So I wish you a good morning without grief and sorrow.

Good morning, my dearest sweetheart, there is still room in my heart!

Lovely Good Morning Messages for Her
Lovely Good Morning Messages for Her

A morning SMS for the most amazing woman in the world. Do not look at your neighbor, just look in the mirror! Good Morning sweetheart!

Early awakening from sweet dreams, I would not like to thank you for this night. Because you are the one I dreamed of and never regretted!

In the dream you have lied to me, found it beautiful, am now woken up. Think of you because I like you and wish you a nice day.

Good morning to say is not difficult, but to write to you, all the more. I wanted to send you a kisses, but my mobile phone was bitching.

This SMS is for early morning: it distributes the stress and your worries. And if she brings luck to you, I will gladly send it to you.

Your proximity in the morning gives me more warmth than the sunrays of a whole day.

In my dream I saw your face, but I could not touch it. I felt so lonely and alone, wishing you could be with me now.

Good morning, my dear sweetheart, please sit in your bed. I cuddle myself very close to you, so chubby warm, so I like you.

It is proved that the penis contains gold particles. So the proverb'Morning hour has gold in the mouth' gets a whole new meaning!

Good Morning my sweetheart! I know a rose that always smiles - and this pretty rose, you are. Kiss!

It was a terribly foggy morning. Then I wrote your name with honey on my butterbrot - and so the day has become sunny again!

Tingel tangel sneaks a little good-morning SMS into your mobile phone and wishes you a good success with all your things as well as a nice day!

I have been sleeping in my quitsching bedstead and in the middle of the night it is then collapsed!

When you wake up from your sleep and the sun laughs through the window, when the rays touch your naked body, I'd like to feel your breath!

The best in the morning: to know that I will see you again in the evening!

Hello my mouse, are you out of the feathers? I wish you a nice good morning, spend the day without worries!

Open your eyes, experience time, a beautiful morning is ready for you. And someone who likes you very much, wishes you a wonderful day!

There's something like that, something small ... that is getting bigger and bigger ... so big ... hardly imaginable .. a feeling, a desire, a big wish ... to tell you good morning!

Lovely good morning text messages for her

Because you're falling in love and kissing is a beautiful thing, I'll send 1000 kisses to your tender mouth at dawn!

I'm sitting here on a sunbeam, I'll send you and greet you! With lots of little sunsets, I want to sweeten your day!

The best thing about this new day? You are that! Good Morning sweetheart!

The sun is rising, the moon and the stars are out of the sky - and only to make you a wonderful day!

A sweet and sweet SMS, just flush into your phone. Have a nice day, I wish you - and come back to me very quickly.

Quiet and quiet and this way I send this status SMS on a small trip. She comes from me and is meant to greet you today.

I do not want to disturb you at an earlier hour, but I am glad to hear from you! I would just like to dare to say something to you: sincerely, good morning!

Tonight I dreamed of an angel kissing my lips in the rain. Tonight I saw a lot of things. Tonight I was dreaming of you!

When you get out of the feathers, the sleep from your eyes. Do you know at once: It is a beautiful day, for there I am, who like you from the heart!

Get up. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the hares are popping.

Good Morning my sweetheart! Crawl under your blanket and enjoy the minutes in your arms that still remain. Love you!

Good morning, good heart, already feel the separation pain! Grab your mobile phone, sign up! Just tell me, 'I love you!'

Good morning, this is your mobile phone. What are you doing here so early ?! Oh so, understand, it had gespiept, but was unfortunately only this senseless SMS. Nevertheless: a nice day for you!

The moon is gone, the day is waking. In the dream I thought of you. I wish you a nice day and think of you because I like you!

Good morning sunshine, I wish you were mine forever. Would like to spend my life with you, and hope it will succeed us both.

Good morning my Sunshine! Through you every day shines in the most beautiful light of the world.

This is a kiss in the morning gray, he makes you awake, you will be able to look. He caresses your beautiful face, so that you can shine in the morning light!

Good morning, as usual, for kissing I come personally. Do not be sad, do not be sad, think of me, I love you!

I woke up with longing, I thought of you right away. Wanna tell you: love you, are the most important person for me.

Good morning little angel, it writes your dearest Bengel! Think of me, sweeten the day, remember me, because I like you!

sweet lovely good morning messages for her

A good day starts with a good breakfast and a lovely thought of you.

If I look into your laughing face in the morning, I know I'm not wrong, we've spent a wonderful time together at night.

The sun is laughing, you've just woken up. Go with a smile into the day, what he may bring? Have a good morning, I wish you. Kiss!

Is also gray and foggy the day. Blows a cold wind from the north. A dear thought will be with you. Powerful to you every morning!

Good morning sunshine, let me into your heart. I think of you today, because I like you especially.

I can do without buns, coffee and the newspaper, but not to wish you a good morning.

Good morning my greatest treasure. Unfortunately, I can not be with you now, so I send you with this sentence a really fat smack!

If you are upset in the morning, you have the best opportunities to explore! Good Morning! I wish you a nice day

Good morning, you little louse, or are you still sleeping? The sun is laughing and has brought you this hello-woke SMS.

Every morning I wake up, have tingling in my belly, think again strongly of you, what are you doing? Miss you!

Tomorrow is it, woke up! Past the long black night! The sun now shines on your nose, good morning, sweet bunny!

If a kisses flew in the morning, you will be sorrowful and sorrowful, take it all day, for it says that you like it.

A good morning, I would like to borrow you, to see you smile next time! If you are lucky, give it back to me!

You were awake from deep sleep, and much too short was that night. But now forget the worries first, I wish you a wonderful good morning.

Good Morning! I would like to wish the dearest man of the world a nice day!

I wish you a good morning, without sorrow, without sorrow. I wish you a nice day - someone mails you who likes you.

Good morning my darling, here is your sparrow! What is more beautiful on earth than to be aroused by such a kiss?

Good morning sleep-cap, here I send you a top-mare, beautiful-day, squeaky-pleased, always cheerful, all-round happiness and well-being SMS!

Good morning, my fairy prince! Did you get up with a smile this morning, or why is the sun laughing all over the world?

Wish you a nice day, much joy and little plague. Everything is to succeed, even the in-the-shower-singing!

A lovely word in the morning makes the heart happy all day!

After a deep sleep and sweet dreams, a gentle awakening and a delicious breakfast, picture book and sunday: Oh, happy day!

Good morning beloved sunshine, let the warmth in the morning pure. Smile at work and remember that no one can give you the water.

If your cell phone beeps early in the morning, someone will be happy to see you! Send a text message and wish you no stress today!

Here is a short message that promises you a good morning, directs the best thoughts to you, so you know someone is thinking about you.

I just woke up, thinking about you all night. Would like to cuddle and kiss you and never have missed!

This is your dream of last night! Did I bring you to sleep, maybe it was not so bad, so we meet again soon!

Good morning, have just woken up, I thought of you first, and because I feel like I wanted you to come through my room door.

You slept quite as I wrote these lines. But now you are awakened and reads: 'I love you very much!'

Good Morning! This is the cheerful wake-up call. Just wanted to ask why you did not sleep anymore!

I am a good morning SMS. Be careful all day and make sure you do not forget the sender.

He is there, the horrible, the brutal, the congregation! He steals the dreams, he is sooo mean! He calls himself 'Good Morning,' this bounty!

Now I'm awake in the early morning and I'm already worried! Where do I get now a saying quickly, to say, I love you very much!

Hey my girl ... Come out of the dream finally to get me back!

Good morning! Get up! This is your private wake-up service. Since you have to get up so early, I think I'll send you the best of luck.

Good morning my dear! This SMS is from me. A kiss and 160 characters - I think that must be enough!

Good Morning! Since you have to get up now, I send you nen nen Morgengruß. Your day can only be beautiful.

Good morning sunshine, would like to be with you. Your rays caress me that I know 'I love you'!

I just woke up, I thought of you right away! So I am writing to you now, 'Good morning,' that drives the grief and sorrows!

Piep, piep, piep and peip. Sound failed. That's why I'm now waking you up in writing. Are you up or numb? Piep, piep, piep ...

Attention! Morning SMS to make your phone fit for the day: 1+, +2, + stretch (bend antenna back and forth). Exercise 25 times repeat, new phones only 10 times!

Good Morning my sweetheart! The day begins with the thought of you. I love you above all!

This morning I woke up and I was looking for my big cuddly toy. Where are you? I love you with my whole heart.

Good morning, sweet marmot! I would like to have you with me now! For cuddling dear in my bed. With you two, that would be nice now.

I close my eyes and see your face. I touch my lips and think about you. Good morning sleepyhead!

Good Morning! I've been dreaming of you all night. Had to let me get sick. I have severe withdrawal symptoms.

My first act: an SMS to you - so the day can only be beautiful!

Good Morning! Please do not forget to feed your mobile phone with a mail to my mobile phone, so that our mobile phones come well over the day!

If there were kissing mobile phones, yours would now attack you and give you a fat good-morning kiss!

The stars shine brightly that night, they are made only for you. Now sleep well and dream sweet, for I will be with you in your dreams!

I'll soon go to my bed and float on a cloud. I will only dream of you - oh, how I wish you were here now!

Where is the moon? Oh, fright, he's gone. But do not say so loud, because I stole him for you.

Soon you'll sleep, my little sweetie, order you good-night greetings, I really like you, because you are my favorite star!

A little angel says 'Good night' and has thought of his treasure. He loves you and loves you, you are the most beautiful star for him. Sleep well!

The sun goes down, the evening begins. You only hear the sound of the wind. The moon shines with very bright light until a new morning dawns. Good night!

The most beautiful stars in the night are only intended for people like you. Enjoy her light and sleep well, the most beautiful stars belong only to you alone!

The sun is shining. When she gets tired, the moon begins to shine and laugh, and the stars are moaned. I'm getting tired too - and wish you a good night!

There are many dreams here and there, but you have my word: I will send you the most beautiful - and it will end only tomorrow morning.

The moon rises, you lie down. Close your eyes, open them again. Fairies appear, kiss you gently. I wish you a sweet night.

Do you believe in ghosts? Then look, there's one knocking at your window. This little ghost has just thought of you and wishes you a good night!

One thing I wanted to do is to grab the mobile phone today! But one thing did not leave me: the good-night kiss, you only get!

The day was long, the night is short, but that is pretty snort to me! Just one thing is very important to me: to meet soon - just with you!

I'll take care of you, hide it by tomorrow. At the back, really nice, very far from your bed. Sleep sweetly and dream gently. Your sweetheart!

I wish I was your cuddly toy, so I would be with you every night, touching your soft skin and feeling the throbbing of your heart. Dream sweet, darling!

Gently the night spreads her black cloth over the land, and all life, whether great or small, now rest in God's hand! Good night I love you!

You are not a dream, for which dream can steal hearts? At night so close, but day so far! I've been sleeping since I knew you.

A star glittering at the heavenly tent, the whole world is shining, shining all alone for you, saying, 'Do not get me!'

I want to feel your warmth and take you to the realm of pleasure. I'll write something to you: I always want to stay with you!

Have you been quite good today? Then I wish you a deep sleep. A night with a dream and bliss and tomorrow a day full of sun!

Here is your girlfriend, she loves you terribly dear, she is so glad that you are there, who directs her dear thoughts to you and gives you beautiful dreams!

Without you, my bed is so empty. Without you, I run after my dreams. My thoughts are with you. I miss you, come to me tonight.

I want to be the cause of your today's sleepless night!

The darkness has long been there, the stars glitter brightly and clearly, I lie down and think again and again of my sunshine, who likes that?

Wait ... wait ... do not fall asleep! I want to wish you a good night and sweet dreams.

The most beautiful thing about you is when your eyes slowly close and your calm breath creeps me to sleep. How should I fall asleep today without you?

A kiss creeps out of my room. Through the night and seek your lips. Now he has found your eyes. Let sweet dreams come to you here.

Good night my darling, I now go to rest and cover you in my thoughts, now sleep well and dream of me, I still look so much for you!

A small star in the wide room wishes you a sweet dream!

My angel is asleep alone, how gladly would I be with you. Did you spend the night today without me, but my heart just thinks of you!

The moon rises, you lie down, close your eyes and open them again. Princes appear and kiss you softly, I wish you a good night.

I'll send you three angels. The first guard your head pillow, the second gives you sweet dreams, and the third gives you a loving good-night kiss.

When the sun is asleep, the first star stands in the sky, the moon comes out of his bed, I wish you a good night.

A sweet fratz from a far distance, send you a handful of magic stars, wish you a good night, till the morning light awakens!

I am tired, go to rest, but I can not sleep. How I would like to be with you now, then I slept much better!

The night, the rays of a star, would like to give you a corner of it, have to think of you, nice that you exist, long back into the heavenly tent.

I gave you a star, so you always remember me. You see him in the dark night and know he's watching over you.

Look tonight at the stars, I'll send you kisses from afar. Whisper still softly in the ear: 'I love you more than ever before!'

B E E P! I'm a good night kiss! My sender wishes you a good night with me - because he loves you very much!

Tired, go to bed, eyes closed, nothing more to see.

When I see the moon in the evening, the trouble has paid off. For now comes the night-rest, get sweet dreams from you from a large chest.

I'll send you a cloud that covers you. A star that illuminates the night. And the moon that watches you.

The most beautiful thing about sleeping is, the certainty that I'll be back next to you all night and the distance can never separate us in the dream!

The little moon looks at you and knows: You sleep in the nu. He says to the stars, 'Take care and see if everything fits, you know he is my greatest treasure.'

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Lovely Good Morning Messages for Her {150+}
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